Hello, Beautiful Soul


I'm Anj

I'm an MECFS warrior, a recovery coach, a professional pianist/vocalist, a performer, world-traveler, poet and writer, inspirational speaker, and a deeply-feeling, highly sensitive, lover of wandering and wondering.

I am here to support, encourage and empower you. To guide you back home to self-trust & self-reliance, to rediscovering your body’s innate wisdom, and to full and thriving health. 

Have hope, dear one. 

A life beyond MECFS awaits you. I cannot wait to see you well. 


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A Recovery Plan For Life 

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The Edison Effect

(MECFS Recovery Program)


A comprehensive, no-stone-left unturned approach to recovery. Available at different levels of support, so you can get the help you need. 

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Healing Resources

MECFS Meditations


Learn how to build awareness, reconnect mind/body, restore sleep, embrace PEM and reduce pain.


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My Four Pillars To Recovery 

Nervous System Reshaping

- Mindfulness Meditation
- Reinterpret Pain
- Rewire Responses
- Revere Limbic Kindling

Expansion & Contraction Cycle

- Learn Your “Soft Limits”
- Micro Meso Macro Pace
- Expand Your “Soft Limits”
- Healing Vs. Curing


The Body 

- Micronutrient Focus
- Heal Your Sleep
- Reduce Allostatic Load
- Reducing Inflammation

Personal Transformation

- Poly Vagal Somatic Tools
- Quiet Internal Saboteurs
- Learn Attachment Style
- Redefine The Illness

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What People Are Saying....


Elizabeth Askel

"The pacing section of this program is game changing & what MASSIVELY differentiates this course from the others. All of the tools have been unbelievably helpful & have allowed me to develop a certain level of awareness surrounding how I approach my recovery.

Before, I was doing all of the right things, but I wasn’t engaging in them the way I needed to in order to start recovering optimally. I’m now a lot more stable because of my ability to pace to expand. My biggest take away from this program, is how I engage in my recovery versus solely focusing on what I do.” 

Teri Entz

"Before this course I was couch bound and rarely went out unless I had a decent day. After it I was about 30% stronger and am still moving forward. Before this course emotionally I was a basket case of fluctuating emotions.
After this course I was 80% better.

Before this course spiritually I considered myself to be spiritual, but the physical and emotional issues clouded that a lot. After this course I was more in tune with my spiritual side. I learned to go at my own pace, which has let me move forward towards healing instead of being stuck in a loop of a boom/bust cycle.”  


Cassidy Brown

I have made more concrete progress with this course than at any other time in my 4 years with this illness. Anj helped me see the blind spots that have been holding me back from recovery & chart a path forward. The best part of the program is that it combines all the different angles of recovery. Rather than exclusively focusing on brain re-training or lifestyle changes or toxins, we learned about all of them - & not just the basics, but the actual science behind everything. The depth of knowledge & research really gave me confidence in Anj’s approach.

I feel more hopeful about recovery than I have in a very long time! I am recommending this program to everyone I know with ME/CFS!

Joanna C. 

"I enjoyed The Edison Effect and all the knowledge that came with it. The brain retraining week was the best part for me, and the part I am still using that has made the most difference on my recovery journey. But I found the whole course so informative! Anj was a wealth of knowledge and a ray of light throughout.”

Mark Popts

 "This course by far has had the most practical & useful information about why I am ill and how I can take steps to get better. I had a number of ‘aha’ moments. The sheer quantity and quality of information presented was superb." "


Sarah Dietsche 

"Anj was like an angel that saved me & made me believe in recovery again. She just found the right words & explanations that resonated with me. She taught me that this illness can be a your greatest teacher if you let it. I am doing much better, physically, emotionally  spiritually. She explained to me how the illness works & how regulating the nervous system has an impact on the immune system, & inflammation in the body. Once you know the genesis of the illness, it helps you believing in recovery, whether you are spiritual or not.” 


Toni Weschler

"This course is an amazing resource for anyone struggling with ME/CFS. It offers a vast array of information, and useful tools/skills, as well as the incredible wisdom and support from Anj to help you find your way to a better place in your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I was really struggling before the course and was at quite a low point in all those areas. I'd really resigned myself to being sick with CFS indefinitely and having a really limited life. I'm in so much of a better place now. This course offered me a sense of hope that one can actually recover from CFS and a road map for how to get there. It was a game-changer for me!"

Petra Hunns 

"I have to say that in the 15 year journey of ME/CFS, this course has been the best thing I’ve ever done! And as you can imagine over that time I’ve tried many many things, but nothing has made an impact like this!

Anj has a deep passion in wanting to help show us the way out.. bringing us from darkness into love & light… & is a great speaker, teacher & mentor.
I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart that the universe connected us together. For sharing her journey & our journey.

I now have tools for life & life beyond CFS/ME. The benefits will keep on coming. My wobbles are already not lasting as long. I have a shiny new box of tools & I am determined to keep using them!"

Antony Snodgrass

 "At the start of my journey I was so scared and looked to everyone & anything to help me and fix me. Which caused me to become more & more unwell and dysregulated. But with time I have learnt that while I can accept help,  only I can heal myself.

Just as Anj taught me about recovery; I see it happening in myself. It now takes much more to bring on a severe "wobble." Nine months ago I watched a movie with my kids & it made me crash so hard. Six months ago it was going out to watch my son play football that brought it on; a huge expansion. My last wobble resulted after a long period of going out out walking ever day with my dog, attending social events, cooking and cleaning, doing the food shop weekly. I know I will recover fully eventually.  I still find so much inspiration from Anj's teachings."


"This program is truly incredible. I am eternally grateful for it. I feel more optimistic, motivated and equipped for recovery. I have a better understanding of what I need to do to recover, more belief in my body’s capacity to recover, more awareness and understanding of my nervous system’s dysfunction, and more tools for tending to it.” 

Jenny Brim

 "I learned a lot with this program. Everything described seemed logical to me. I was couch-bound for 23.5 hours. I couldn't receive visitors. After 6 weeks I could go for a walk every 3 days and I could invite friends over! Once I was able to take 6000 steps and then talk to friends for 4 hours. In this course you will not feel alone. For the first time, I have hope!"


Ingunn Hellesmark

“I loved this course!! So much to learn, and Anj explains everything so well in all the videos. The set up of the program was also great. Also the homework was very helpful. I spent a lot of time with the homework in the start, and learned a lot about myself and my recovery from this.” Thank you Anj!”


Susan Cruickshank

“Anj has an easy and welcoming style of communication that invites us in and puts us at ease immediately. Despite the effectiveness of her engaging presentation that is peppered with personal antidotes, the real gift is that her presence plays only a secondary role to the substance of the course material itself. She gives us MEAT, not just fluffy dessert! The science is there, but she explains it in terms that feel relevant to day-to-day life and she breaks it down so we can incorporate it immediately.

I love that her compassion is coupled with TRUTH. Discipline, effort, and 'buy-in' are required for recovery. No magic bullet here. Hurrah! Something real! I have crawled my way back from complete incapacitation and have carved out a little life. What else can I say? Anj is a gift. She has turned her pain into her life's work. We are all blessed that she pushed through and then turned back to bring us with her. I have been given the gift of joy. I am grateful.” 

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